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Hawza Illmiya of England is ‘one a kind’ in the West which focuses upon the traditional teachings of the Islamic Disciplines. The methodology and approach is the very unique traditional methodology of the Grand Islamic Seminaries. The uniqueness of this institution is that it trains the students with an in depth understanding of the vast Islamic Sciences with traditional methodology whilst also enabling them to tackle contemporary issues and challenges faced by Muslims in the West. In addition to studying the academic theories about Islam, students will also become acquainted with scholarly debates going on within Islam and how these shape Islam’s future.

As a typical model of the Hawza focuses a great deal upon self-development/ tazkiyyah. Another special aspect of Hawza Illmiyyah of England is that the studies take place under the guidance of well qualified scholars from the Traditional Seminaries of Qum and Najaf and also the Universities. The Hawza provides a very unique spiritual atmosphere for the students who are particularly geared towards soul searching.
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Hawza Ilmiyyah of England, 133 High Rd, Willesden, London NW10 2SW, United Kingdom


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